Quality Garage Flooring


Beautify and protect your garage with high-quality hybrid epoxy floor coatings. Low-maintenance epoxy floors are resistant to stains, spills and harsh, concrete-damaging winter salts. Choose from an array of colors and textrues, including three solid colors and eleven flake colors — all with a high gloss shine. With an install time of only two days, class-leading materials and polished good looks, our epoxy floor coatings will bring style and durability to your garage for years to come.

MATERIALS: All of our epoxy floor systems use a three-layer application process for performance and longevity. Finished floors are slip-resistant with a high gloss shine.

Base/top layer: Double the thickness of competing products, our floor coatings are easy to maintain and will not chip, peel or yellow. Our products are backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Flake/color layer: Colored polymer 1/4" flake flooring, available in eleven colors. For a different look, Desert, Graphite, Scottsdale, Sedona and Smoke flake are also available in a smaller 1/8" texture.

All of our epoxy floor systems use a three-layer application process for performance and longevity
Quality Garage Flooring
Quality Garage Flooring




Everyday dirt and grime are easily hosed off. Motor oil and spills wipe up with mild detergent. Harsh salts do not harm the floor coatings.
Other products trap dirt creating a maintenance headache. Motor oils and spills will stain, and harsh salts will deteriorate the floor coating.



100% UV protection means the floor will remain clear and free of ambering or yellowing.
No UV protection allows the floor to fade and discolor from indoor lighting and sunlight.



On average, our floor coverings are twice as thick as other products which creates a more durable floor and provides an ample base for even chip coverage.
Thin base coats are prone to yellowing, peeling and chipping and leave up to 20% of the concrete showing through the base coat.



Our hybrid epoxy cures harder than standard epoxy producing higher impact and abraision resistance.
Softer epoxies are prone to scrapes, chips and "paw printing" by hot tires.



Quick cure times allow for foot traffic within 24 hours of installation and vehicle weight within 72 hours.
Longer cure times between coatings equate to a wait time of up to seven days.



Floors are mechanically profiled to insure a superior bond between the concrete floor and the coating.
Out-dated methods may cause the top layer of concrete to become soft and brittle, leading to floor failure.


Our hybrid-polymer base is the newest technology, designed specifically for residential use.
High-solvent based epoxies use a fifty-plus year old technology which is prone to ambering.



Our products have extremely low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.
Competitors use hazardous materials with very harsh odors. These products have a high solvent content and are highly flammable.



Each garage floor system is backed by a written warranty against workmanship and material defects.
"Lifetime" warranties for floor coatings can be misleading. The fine print may exclude some products used during installation.